selected poetry

[PANK] “feast” and “stonefruit”

the lickety~split “I walk around the block to get ideas,” “The last solitary persimmon,” and “seasonal affect”

Kweli Journal “she’s saying to me: a chaos theory”

Discover Nikkei (2021) – “grub mother” in “Transformations” with Brandon Shimoda and traci kato-kiriyama

AAWW: The Margins (2021) – “Self-Portrait as Contained Swarm”

Clarion Magazine (2019) – “Constellate”

AADOREE (2018) – “Magnetism, typically”

Black Heart Magazine (2016) – “A Dream of the Trans-Siberian Railroad”

Lingerpost (2016) – “The Distillery,” “Footnotes,” and “Fray”